A Little Bit About Us

We're an innovative company with an auction platform that can help your fundraising activities

Our Expertise

We have been doing this a while. Here are some of the highlights. Perhaps we can help you achieve the same?

  • Highest revenue from an auction: $8.2 M
  • We run around 12 auctions every year
  • We have over 9 years of experience in fundraising auctions
  • Fastest item sold: took 6 seconds to sell out and raised $520,000.00 (yes, just one item!) 
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Our Ethos

We offer a range of different services to help you raise fund. We will work closely with you help you achieve your goals.

  • Supporting you through the pathway from beginning to end
  • Higher value generation working with you providing the means to maximise fundraising opportunities
  • Providing you with the tools to raise funds, by providing guidance to help you navigate the route to a successful auction.
  • Providing you with a range of fundraising options
  • Enable you to provide fundraising support to a live event or set of events

What can we provide you with?

We offer a range of different services to help you raise fund

Timed Auctions

This is an auction everyone understands and works for silent or online only fundraising.
It's good when a variety of items are for sale

Podium Auctions

Want to have multiple winners per item? Introduce the podium auction to multiply your fund raised by the number of people winning each item

Buy Now, Multi Buy Now

Have special items you just want to sell quick? See how quickly these items sell out.
Have more than one? Stock the same item multiple times

Ticket Sales and Raffle Tickets

Perhaps you also wish to sell tickets to an event to continue the fundraising fun?
You could sell twice to the same person. You may also want to run a prize raffle too?

Collect Payments, Issue Invoices

Donors can make payments through an integrated payment page with Stripe. They can also generate invoices for their own accounts through PayPal.

Auctions Fundraising Opportunities

How could you fundraise with our platform?

How does Podium Bidding work?

Generate increased revenue by having more than one winner per item.

  • Multiple winners per item, you can set the number of winners per item
  • Encourage more people to get involved
  • Company names can be displayed to increase competitiveness between bidders
  • Bidders can place proxy bids and the platform will bid for them
  • Raises funds multiple times over for one item
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How does Timed Bidding & Buy Now work?

We offer a range of different services to help you raise funds. We will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals.

  • Run a Silent Auction, one winner per item. Provide all the details about the experience you are selling. Videos, photos and other details
  • Bidding can be run over a period of time, all ending on one day, or end times can be staggered.
  • Do you want to give donors instant gratification? Sell items outright through Buy Now.
  • First come first served, put pressure on the buyers to make a quick decision. Buy those tickets for a table at an event or miss out.
  • Invite only, upload your own list of donors and ask them for a PIN code before they can bid.
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Successful Auctions

What have we achieved for the people we work with?

An auction in USA fundraised
$8.2 million in one day

- They sold 40 lots

- Received 1,622 bids

- Had 275 active bidders


An auction in North America fundraised

$3.5 million in three days

They sold spots in foursomes for their annual golf event


An auction in North America fundraised

$2.5 million in three days

For each auction over a series of 6 auctions.

Our Fundraising Clients

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